More than just a tab manager.

The all-in-one browser workflow solution you need

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Declutter your browser from dozens of tabs!

Simply open a new tab, then drag and drop your tabs into tabExtend. No more copy pasting URLs and having multiple tabs hog your RAM. TabExtend gives you a new found focus.

A flexible notepad

Complete your saved tabs with notes and to-dos. Combine, move and organize them in your own way.


Easily add notes to your groups and saved tabs


Get stuff done with to-do lists.


Save text selections from any website

Open and close groups

Open or close your groups of tabs with one click. Effortlessly context switch and stay focused on your current task.

Auto- darkmode and more

Darkmode is a given. Export data, Offline mode, Smart shortcuts, FX-sounds, Categories, Copy group content, Resizable groups, and much more.

Secure and access your data on the go

Continue where you left off, either at your computer or phone by using our webapp.

For a limited time

Exclusive SaaSWiz Lifetime Deal

The 3x and 5x Pro deals are for 3 and 5 individual accounts respectively as team features are on the roadmap, but we wanted to give people the chance to buy multiple accounts for their team at a discount.

300 deals only

1x Pro plan


1x Individual account

Lifetime access

Unlimited items saved

Unlimited groups

Data backup

100 deals only

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3x Individual accounts

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Unlimited items saved

Unlimited groups

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100 deals only

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5x Individual accounts

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Unlimited groups

Data backup

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund guarantee. Just email us at:

Will I be charged any sales tax or VAT??

No, tabExtend will pay the local sales tax/VAT out of our own pocket so you have nothing to worry about!

How long do I have before I can redeem my account(s)?

You must redeem all accounts/licenses within 6 months from when you purchased the deal. To redeem the extra accounts you purchased, please email:

What are some features on the roadmap?

Team and share feature, import bookmarks, native mobile apps and more. See some of it in the roadmap down below

Got more questions? Want to speak directly with the founder of tabExtend?

Watch the live webinar replay here:


Last updated 27/04 2021


8 notes

Multiselect DND

Native apps(iOS and Andriod) β€’ Open sites β€’ Save sites β€’ Read/write/edit notes β€’ Homescreen widget

Safari/Opera support


Zapier/IFTTT/Pocket/RSS/Email integrations (?)

Usage control/Timer/Tags

Webapp write/save/share

See internal roadmap for more(secret)

Design phase

8 notes

Bookmarks import

Share feature, public/private url

Team feature/work in same categories

thumbnails for saved sites

In-site copy/paste snippets board

More view options, Grid overview

Option to keep deafult tab

Inline to-dos + more writing options

In progress

7 notes

Edit site/url modal A quick way of editing the showing title of the saved site and also the ability to change the url it points to

Move site to other category

Enter β†’ new note, Shift + enter β†’ new row

β€’ Bulletpoint bug fix

Compact view v1.0

Unlimited categories and sideway scroll

Minor UI fixes

What some of our 4000+ users say about tabExtend

β€œI have tried every extension out there (including OneTab, Session Buddy, Great Suspender), but I can honestly say that tabExtend is the one!”

Shawn Park

Be Your Own Nerd Podcast

β€œThis is a must have extension for anyone that tends to have a lot of tabs open. Love it!”

Gabe Ragland

Founder, Divjoy

β€œβ€¦I use a lot of resources when trying to meet client needs, being able to save references, research an even notes for later viewing and consumption in one place is VERY VERY convenient!”

Vincent Bekong

Freelance Artist