Tab management made easy.

Effortlessly save tabs and notes into groups

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How do you handle tabs that you want to save for later?

Instead of copy and pasting URLs into other apps or forgetting sites in your bookmarks just drop your tabs off in tabExtend. The extension is reached by simply opening a new tab in your browser. A refined browser workflow that will help you declutter your browser, save you computer memory and give you a new found focus.

A flexible notepad

Complete your saved tabs with notes and to-dos. Combine, move and organize them in your own way.


Easily add notes to your groups and saved tabs


Get stuff done with to-do lists.


Save text selections from any website

Secure and access your data on the go

Continue where you left off, either at your computer or phone by using our webapp.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

— Paul J. Meyer

Save/Close/Open all

Save or close all tabs in the window at once. One-click-tap to open another group of tabs.


Use categories to create different boards, have one for work and one for home and so on.

Right-click to close and save

Quickly close and save the current page to a chosen group. Mark any text and save it as a snippet.

Themes and FX sounds

Settings contain options for darkmode/light mode and FX sounds

Your top sites

Generate a new group populated with your most visited sites

And more...

Copy group content to clipboard, export data, resize groups, search items and more

Inspiration container
Notes container
Read on train container

Privacy first

To tap into some of the browser's capabilities, like listing all active tabs in the window, we request some permissions upon installation. We take your privacy dead serious so we make sure to never share your data with third parties or use any tracking software.

“I have tried every extension out there (including OneTab, Session Buddy, Great Suspender), but I can honestly say that tabExtend is the one!”

Shawn Park

Be Your Own Nerd Podcast

“This is a must have extension for anyone that tends to have a lot of tabs open. Love it!”

Gabe Ragland

Founder, Divjoy

“…I use a lot of resources when trying to meet client needs, being able to save references, research an even notes for later viewing and consumption in one place is VERY VERY convenient!”

Vincent Bekong

Freelance Artist