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Release note

Version 1.5.0

It's time for a new version! We are very excited to present v.1.5. These are all of the new features.

• Workspaces(Only available for user on the Pro plan), create different sets of categories for different use cases. Learn more about workspaces here

• Move groups to other workspaces
• Import bookmarks, create groups out of your existing bookmarks folders.
• Notes persists the previous type(note/to-do) when pressing enter and creating a new one
• Scrollable categories when screen or window is too small
• Some UI touch-ups, including new design of the category modal
• Bugs fixes, including cold startup not loading user data.

Release note

Version 1.4.0

New version is here with some highly requested features 🧞‍♂️.

• Edit site modal that lets you edit Title and URL of a saved site.
• Move site to another group in another category.

• Compact view, hide URL, and make a group items take less space.
• Option to always open sites in a new tab.
• When writing a note, pressing the Enter key now creates a new note(+ double tap puts the new note at the top of the group). To create a new row press Shift+Enter. Pressing Enter twice puts the note at the top of the group.
• Small UI changes and bug fixes including custom scroll inside notes and formatting bugs for arrows and bullet-point lists

Release note

Version 1.3.0

New update with a focus on making you even quicker working in the browser.

• Groups are now sorted under categories in the right-click close and save menu. You can also create a new group from the same menu.

• Open the edit category modal by long pressing on a category.
• Multiple word shortcuts added. To quickly transform your notes write: /todo /done /red /orange /green
• Added auto as an alternative to the theme preferences
• Various bugs squashed, including right-click closing the last tab in the window will now be saved.

If the extension does not auto-update you can go to
chrome://extensions/ → Details → Update

Release note

Version 1.2.0(Chrome and Edge)

It's about that time again, a new version is out! Here is the list of all improvements:

• Open all sites from a group in a new window(with the preserved position from when the group was saved)
• Significantly faster loading time
• Cmd + K now opens search, Cntrl clicking a link opens the selected site in a new tab.
• Custom styled scrollbars and other small improvements to groups
• Fixed emojipicker bug when the category was scrolled.

If the extension does not auto-update you can go to
chrome://extensions/ → Details → Update

Release note

Version 1.1.5 of tabExtend now out for Chrome and Edge

The new version includes:

• Opening all sites now open as a group(Chrome and Edge version 88+).
• Right-click on any site to close and save site to a chosen group.

Release note

Version 1.1.0 for Chrome and Edge

The new version includes:

• A new easier way of opening and closing sites
• You can now add custom sites with your own title and URL to a group
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

If the extension does not auto-update you can go to
chrome://extensions/ → Details → Update

Release note

Chrome, Firefox and Edge version 1.0

We are excited to announce version 1.0 of tabExtend 🎉.

The first version includes features like:
• Organize, save and open tabs
• Create notes/to-dos
• Mark text on any webpage, right-click and save it to a chosen group
• Create/delete/move groups and categories
• Light/Dark mode
• Fx sounds
• Thumbnails for active sites
• Combine items
• Colored notes/to-dos
• Auto-sync to cloud
• Resizable groups
• Offline mode
• Export data as JSON
• Webapp optimized for mobile
• Copy all content in a group to clipboard
• Add group with your top sites

See Getting started for instructions on how to add the extension to your browser and other features.

All feedback and questions are more than welcome.


Introducing: A drop zone between pages

Focus is key for achieving your goals. Have you ever browsed the internet and been caught in the "open-in-a-new-tab-and-never-get-around-to-read-it-until-the-computer-crashes" rabbit hole? We certainly been there. With the world at your fingertips nothing is holding you back more than losing your focus. You can open up new amazing tools, communities, videos, courses, articles, etc, each in their own tab.

Is having all these tabs good for productivity though? Certainly not. Do you often lose time by having to go back and search for information that you forgot where it was found? Do you often lose focus when jumping between tabs, or when opening another app to write notes or save something important?

tabExtend lives inside your browser and the idea is that it will act as a drop-zone for your tabs, thoughts, and goals. Use it as your own kanban board, quickly launch your favorite sites, categorize and save new ones. Start each day with a clean slate, no leftover tabs letting you focus on your goals for the day.

Read more about all the features and how to use them in the guide section.

Built with security and privacy in mind

Our vision is to bring you an outstanding app, with support, great security, continuously new helpful features, and integrations. To fulfill this vision we need to spend time on development, servers, and other tools. By charging a fee from pro users, we will finance the project, not by selling any data, tracking users, or showing you advertisements.

Our business is independent and self-funded. We aim to earn your trust by always thinking and serving you, the user, first. The app have a generous free tier that has all features available for you to try out with no time limit.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hello. Cheers!

Gustav Ekerot

Founder, father of two, living in sweden