Last updated 28/11 2021

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7 notes

Sites saved timeline

Safari(+ Firefox?) support

More view options, Grid overview


Usage control/Timer

Webapp write/save/share

See internal roadmap for more

Design phase

7 notes

Native apps(iOS and Andriod) • Open sites • Save sites • Read/write/edit notes • Homescreen widget

Session management

Zapier/IFTTT/Pocket/RSS/Email integrations (?)

thumbnails for saved sites

Tab/group reminders/schedule

Inline to-dos + more writing options

Tags + sorting options

In progress

5 notes

Multiselect notes and sites for mass-action options *DONE*

Sidebar in-site/popover view, with notes and other options like saving current page to group

Share groups and categories via public link

Workspaces/categorie overview, quickly get a overview of all categories and groups

Custom shortcuts settings